2017 OR/MS Today Linear Programming Survey

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Solver Yes
Modeling Environment Yes
Integrated solver and modeling environment Yes
b) Form:
Independent application Yes
Procedure/class library for:  
    C/C++ Yes
    C#/.NET Yes
    Java Yes
    Python Yes
    MATLAB Yes
    R Yes
Source code Yes
Add-in to:

Platforms supported (check "yes" next to those that apply):
PC/Windows Yes
PC/Linux Yes
macOS Yes
Parallel solver support:
Shared Memory Yes
Distributed memory Yes

Pricing Information (specify "contact" if price not published):
Commercial single license price:
Other commercial licenses available:
Academic single license price:
Other academic licenses available:
Free limited-size versions available:
Free full-featured versions available:
Free/open-source for all uses: Yes

Data Compatibility
Reads spreadsheet files: Yes
Writes spreadsheet files Yes
Reads database files Yes
Writes database files: Yes
Reads and writes text files: Yes

Solvers or modeling environments (as appropriate) that link to this product:
Available bundled with above as a single package? Yes
Available separately to customers who separately purchase (or have purchased) one of the above? Yes

Formulations supported (write "yes" next to those that apply):
Variable types:
Continuous Yes
Integer, Binary Yes
Other variable types:
Constraint and objective types (in addition to linear):
Piecewise-linear Yes
Quadratic positive-semidefinite Yes
Quadratic conic Yes
Quadratic nonconvex Yes
General convex Yes
General nonlinear Yes
Other constraint & objective types

Simplex Yes
Interior-point Yes
Branch-and-cut Yes
Local search Yes
Other algorithms/methods:
Optimality of solutions
Local Yes
Global Yes

Cloud/Software service availability:
NEOS Server Yes
Service provided by vendor Yes
Service installed by customer Yes

New Features (since June 2015):
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Other techniques (available as part of the package):
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